The Biggest Storm in History

Genesis 6:7a, 8

And the Lord said, “I will wipe this human race I have created from the face of the earth. Yes, I will destroy every living thing…But Noah found favor with God.

This morning’s sermon at Bridgepoint Church was an important one. Especially for me to hear.

Most of us know the story of Noah. At one time, God looked at the people he created and only saw corruption. Because of that, he wanted to wipe the slate clean and start new. Every person and every creature was going to be destroyed. Except for Noah, a man who walked closely with God.

Noah built the Ark, per God’s instructions. And when the floods came, Noah and his family were spared.

Pastor Tim loves this story. It shows what faithfulness and walking with God can do. He told us that Noah was available to God and faithfully did the work planned for him. 

Pastor Tim asked: are we being available for God?

God has a plan. God will give us the parts we need to follow His plan. But to get the instructions, we need to walk with God. He revels Himself and what He wants when we have a relationship with Him. Noah did. Noah knew what God was going to do from the beginning.

Pastor Tim also pointed out that whatever God has us do is a means to an end. Should we do our part, God will most certainly do his.

“If you aren’t getting all the parts, you aren’t getting God’s plan.”

All throughout this message, all I could think about was whether I was following God’s plan. Do I have the pieces I need to be successful in this venture?

I realized that the parts I need are the people around me. My parents and my in-laws who make sure Corey and I have what we need. My friends who make sure I have more in my life than work, home, and hospital visits. All the people who have given us their food, their time, their strength, their money. These are the parts Corey and I need to continue through this journey. Hopefully, we can be a light for others.

We continue to battle our fears of the unknown. We fight through the tiredness and doubts. We do so because of what God has equipped us with to make it through our own storm.

Noah built an ark to survive. We are building a life focused on God and His plan for us.


One thought on “The Biggest Storm in History

  1. Kim, I love hearing what God is teaching you through this. I am amazed at your optimism and courage through this storm. When the waves are the highest, God teaches us how walk on the water.


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