Gearing Up For Round Two

It’s been a minute since the last blog update. But honestly, there isn’t too much to update right now. Which is a good thing.

Corey is feeling good. The pain in his rib is basically gone. He has more days where he is awake and alert and able to visit with friends. In fact, Sunday night he had some friends over for the annual E3 video game conference.

Exciting, I know.

On Wednesday, Corey, Michelle, and I had to go to the hospital. The doctors told us once his temperature goes above 100.4, we would be taking a trip down to the ER. Well, that’s exactly what happened.

At midnight, the three of us left for St. Anthony’s in St. Pete. He was checked out by nurses and doctors and technicians.

6 a.m.: We were admitted and sent to a private room.

“There aren’t many good things about cancer. But let me tell you, getting a private room is one of the few benefits,” said Corey.

We had stayed at St. Anthony’s all of Wednesday. Continous antibiotics were pumped into Corey to make sure any infections would be taken care of.

Ultimately, Corey was fine. He felt good and it was a boring visit. 

Better boring than the alternative

He had already had some really good days, even though he was at his lowest immunity strength. Really, he just wanted to get out of there and go home. Which he finally did on Thursday (albeit with a bit of fighting).

Other than that short stay, our days consist of TV, medications, fluids, and family.

Corey is starting his second cycle of chemo in just a little bit. We aren’t sure how this will effect him since it is different medicines. But Dr. Reed tells us by Friday he should be feeling much better.

For now, we keep our spirits up and hope for the best.


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