One Down…Thirteen to Go

Corey, Michelle, and I made it home from the hospital today. It was a long five days. After awhile, it was hard to keep track of what day it was.

However, we met so many wonderful people that really made our first time at Moffitt much easier and smoother. Everyone from the doctors to the nurses to the food serivce, we owe a debt of gratitude.

So meet the people responsible for taking care of our boy!

Meet Christen, ARNP. She was one of the first people we met in the very beginning. She was very up-front but very calm when she explained what would be happening during our stay there. And thankfully, she was patient enough to answer all our first-day questions.
We also had a wonderful chemo nurse by the name of Melissa. She had such a great sense of humor! She would make funny faces and just talk with us outside of all the medical mumbo jumbo. Even though she would poke Corey with a shot everyday, she was still one of our favorites.

Speaking of favorites, she was probably one of the top. Jennifer was the pharmacist that made sure everything was good with the chemo and made sure his nedication was correct. She went above and beyond to make sure we went home with the right medication and made sure we understood everything about the next few days. I’m pretty sure she did not know what she was getting into when she came into our room.

We also had a wonderful night nurse the second half of our stay. Her name was Mirium. She was really special in the fact that she made sure Corey got as much sleep as possible. His vitals had to be checked every four hours. Day and night. Mirium would have them check vitals right before he went to sleep and right when he woke up. It really was very helpful since he would already be up multiple times a night.

And finally, we have Neesie. She was most important because she would being us food. Not just a tray of whatever we ordered, but she did so with the sweetest smile and most joyful spirit. Believe me, at 8 pm, a joyful spirit is what you need to make a long day better.

Of course there were many more people who were there to help us and make sure all our questions were answered. They made sure we were taken care of. And most importantly, they made sure my husband was getting better.

One round done. Thirteen more to go. We are just getting started, but the team behind us gives me even more hope for our journey through the storm.


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