Day One

The big day has finally come. And we’ve been greeted by a slew of information, people, and medication.

Thankfully, the people here are amazing. They ask constantly what his pain is like, if he is distressed, how he feels. Moffitt knows what they are doing. They even went as far as to move us to a bigger room.

For the past few days, we were getting some conflicting information about his treatment. Mostly to do with the amount of time he would be pumped with chemo. We talked with the pharmacist extensively. Corey will be getting two hours of chemo ever day he is in here. And his pain could be gone by the end of this round. An answer to a prayer. 

He has already completed the two hours of chemo for today and he’s doing great. Nothing has changed physically yet. He is a little reminiscent of a cyborg with all the wires coming out of him.

The next five nights Corey, me, and Corey’s mom, Michelle, will be waltzing the corridors of Moffitt. So prayers are so welcome!


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