Ways to Help

It’s a question I’ve been asked most throughout all this.

“How can I help?”

My response, as elegant as always,

“Uhhh…let me get back to you.”

It seems like a simple question to most. But in reality, it can be very daunting for the askee. Sure, I have to take care of my husband, go to work, pay the bills, help clean the house, keep the animals in line, clean up messes from when the animals got out of line.

But how much can someone really help with that? How much asking for help is too much?

For every situation, there are different answers to those questions. For us at this moment, we still don’t know what would be most helpful to us. However, we do have some ideas for those of you with the urge to serve.

I have an ongoing list of areas we could use some assistance. But I also know there are some creative minds out there. So if there are other ways people have helped you that were useful, throw them in.

1. Donate on our GoFundMe page. The page was set up by Corey’s step-mom and it’s already been so useful. You can follow the link here. You can also go through PayPal or send us a good old-fashioned check. Contact me for more information on that if preferred.

2. Gift cards. Food, gas, pets, other expenses we were not expecting. It can really add up quick. Gift cards are a wonderful thing for a family that will be on the go a lot.

3. Ideas! We will be spending a plethera of time sitting around. We know books and Netflix exist. But after awhile, it gets boring. What are some way we can be entertained for those long days at the hospital?

4. Movers. Because we decided Corey’s treatments wouldn’t be busy enough, we also decided to move during this time. Smart thinking, I know. So we will need those packer, movers, and supervisors  (such like myself) to help. A date for this par-tay will be forthcoming.

5. Have some fun with us. We are not broken. We are not fragile. We will not fall into a puddle of tears at a moments notice. We LOVE when our friends come to hang out, share stories, make jokes. We still have our normal lives and want to keep things as normal as possible. So, please, no sad eyes. Happy smiles are welcome!

5. Love, prayer, and support. I cannot express how touching it is to see all of those people who have rallied around us. A short message of encouragement does wonders. By simply knowing we are in your prayers and you are thinking about us, means more than can be said. So keep up those prayers, my lifeboats! You are the ones keeping us afloat.


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